Search backwards from your image to find other versions of it on the internet using TinEye. Includes edited images. Click here.

AnimHut : 180+ online image libraries (so many here, some specialised, you must have a look yourself) Altpick A place where artists, designers, animators, etc advertise their work British Library: Arts and Images. From the beautiful to the bizarre, explore the many ways in which visual images communicate ideas. Folioplanet the Illustration resource.
Index of drawings on blog But does it float.
Index of collage on blog But does it float.
Index of photography on blog But does it float.
Index of generative art on blog But does it float.
Index of sculpture on blog But does it float.

New interactive history timeline Timelines: sources from history is a new interactive resource that allows students and teachers to explore 800 years of collection items from the British Library chronologically.

Examples of artwork on //But does it float?// Beautiful examples and lots of variety.
BibliOdyssey Ecclectic historic art and science images from rare books and prints
Dark illustration
VADS: the online resource for visual arts
Batch magazine
Salt prints of old Japan (Flickr photoset)
Free use images and sounds wiki
Digital archive of art: online images from Boston College examples of the artist's drawings and photographs
Rod Hunt Illustrations (Rod Hunt is a London based Illustrator & artist who has built a reputation for retro tinged Illustrations & detailed character filled landscapes)
100 artworks to see before you die
Artfinder on ArtsConnectEd