Video demonstrations on painting and drawing technique/process, material preparation, and more Drawing tutorials on Videojug Not all of these are good, but still worth looking at. Art House Co-op featuring the global Sketchbook project, and links to art, artists, art websites, etc.

Jason Polan wants to draw everybody in New York
How to draw heads, figures, etc. - Manuals from late 1940s and 1950s (includes perspective drawing)
Colour book (1953) Edouard Fer: Solfege de la couleur (1953 colour plates)
Chris Mullen's list of books on colour (old)
Perspective (miscellaneous plates) with notes and booklist (More here in complete menu from original site)
Calligraphy Arabesques, ribbons, decorations, and the act of teaching in this 100 page book by the little known Swiss Master of Writing, Libellus 1549, written in Latin and intended for schools.
Calligraphy (after 1900)

David Kassan - this is a trailer for Kassan's Drawing DVD (portrait in charcoal)

How Gabe Swarr draws his webcomic

Gesture drawing with Mark McDonnell

Drawing on Google videos

Sketching on Google videos
How to draw videos on HowCast
Drawing tutorials on
25 places to find instructional video
Juan Berrio
This is an amazing short film that shows the construction of an illustrated apartment block with the use of one single moleskin notebook. Found here .