Autobiographical comic
Use Voicethread to talk about art! See an example of grade 3 students talking about their art. This could work for seniors too.
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
Art since 1950 National Gallery of Art, Washington
Classroom art resources and lessons, National Gallery of Art, Washington
Lesson Plan: Art Happens: Investigating the modernist art of Robert Rauschenberg
Art Sparkers 15 activities to spark the imagination

Sites we love: Significant objects great project on the Sites we love website where people make up a story around an object.Observatory - Design, culture, change
Art Junction a collaborative artspace for teachers and students run by Craig Roland, University of Florida
Early Visual Media a pictorial media archaeology
The Web Urbanist Urban design, culture, travel, architecture and alternative art
The Pennsylvania Art Education Association lots of links to museums and resources.

ABC Arts links roll: a comprehensive list of arts-related links, including film, music, books, dance, theatre, radio, TV, painting, sculpture
Articulate: the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's arts weblog
Internet Public Library: Fine Art
Art History resources
VADS: the online resource for visual arts
VADS image catalogue- access to various collections (information and images)
Art education resources (links)